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Karnataka Shuchi Scheme 2024 - Free Sanitary Napkins to 19 Lakh Adolescent Girls in Schools, Colleges

Karnataka government has reintroduced Shuchi Scheme after it was stalled for the last four years. This free sanitary napkins scheme in Karnataka would ensure menstrual hygiene among women. Under this scheme, the state govt. will supply sanitary napkins to around 19 lakh adolescent girls at the school and college levels. Read this article till the end to know complete details about Karnataka free sanitary pads scheme. 

About Karnataka Shuchi Scheme 2024

Health Department of Karnataka has relaunched Shuchi Scheme to provide free sanitary napkins to 19 lakh girls. All the girls in the age group of 10 to 18 years who are studying in govt/govt-aided schools or colleges will get free sanitary pads. 
Health dept. will directly deliver sanitary napkings to the schools which would then be distributed to the girls by their respective heads.

Objectives of Free Sanitary Pads Scheme in Karnataka 

Menstruation is a natural process and most of the previous governments shy on this topic. Karnataka govt. will launch this Menstrual Hygiene Scheme (MHS) in which girls in the age group of 10 to 18 years in govt./govt. aided schools would be able to avail the benefits. The state govt. will start this Free Sanitary Napkins Scheme in Karnataka for the following reasons:-
  • To increase awareness among adolescent girls on Menstrual Hygiene.
  • To increase access to and use of high quality sanitary napkins to adolescent girls in rural areas.
  • To ensure safe disposal of Sanitary Napkins in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • To normalise public discussions about menstrual health and hygiene. 
  • To offer avenues for girl students to opt for proper practices during their menstrual cycles.

Sanitary Napkins Kit to Adolescent Girls in Karnataka

Each adolescent girl will get sanitary napkins kits under Shuchi Scheme. Each kit would have 10 sanitary napkins in a pack. Napkins required for 1 year will be provided to the girl students. Free Sanitary Pads scheme is important for the hygiene and health of girl students.

Earlier, the Shuchi project was started by the previous Siddaramaiah-led state government. However, health minister said, he doesn't know why such an important project was stopped by the later (BJP-led) government.

Benefits of Free Sanitary Napkins Scheme in Karnataka

  • Karnataka government aims to empower girls and so, free sanitary pad scheme has been reintroduced. 
  • Girls will indulge in conversations that involve menstruation more openly. 
  • Free sanitary pads scheme in govt/govt-aided schools or colleges will encourage adolescent girls to practice menstrual hygienic methods. 
  • These pads will remain available in specific protective packages and would be absolutely free of cost for girls. 
  • The state government is taking up this effort to increase the female sex ratio in the state.
  • There would be a reduction in women-related diseases happening due to non-adherence to menstrual hygiene.

Implementation of Menstrual Hygiene Scheme for Girls in Karnataka 

The purpose of Karnataka Shuchi Scheme is to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, improve accessibility to basic products and promote better standard of living. It is a girl-oriented scheme aimed at improving the quality of life, enhance their self esteem and ensure safe disposal of sanitary pads.

Launch of Shuchi Yojana in Karnataka

While the Congress government has implemented Shakti and Gruha Lakshmi Scheme in favour of women, the Shuchi Yojana, which was started with a collective vision for girls' health, cannot be ignored. While launching the Shuchi scheme on 28 February 2024, Health minister said "We are providing free sanitary napkins to 19 lakh school and college girls at a cost of Rs. 47 crores. Girls from very poor families who cannot not afford it would be benefited immensely".

Health Minister also emphasised that menstruation is a natural process and that there is no need for girls to be hesitant about this. There are some superstitions attached to it and it is important to get rid of them and create awareness about cleanliness and the use of sanitary napkins, he said. Cleanliness and scientific management of menstruation are important for girls' health, he added.

As an alternative to sanitary pads, Karnataka govt. is also implementing a pilot program in two districts to distribute menstrual cups under Shuchi Yojana. Menstrual cups are eco-friendly and the project has received a good response. Health Minister also said that the health department will take up a program to create more awareness about the use of menstrual cups instead of sanitary pads.

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