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AP Corporation of Outsources Services (APCOS) Portal New Registration, Login 2024 | AP Job Seeker Application Form [Apply Online]

Andhra Pradesh govt. is inviting APCOS Portal New Registration 2024 & Login at apcosapp.apcfss.in. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched Andhra Pradesh Corporation of Outsources Services. APCOS aims to create a transparent, accountable and sustainable outsourcing ecosystem in Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. This APCOS portal would be the sole body responsible for managing outsourcing jobs in the state. People can now fill Job seeker Application Form at the official website to apply online for outsourcing jobs. 

APCOS portal focuses on effectively catering to the outsourcing requirements of the government and ensure maximum possible benefits to the outsourced employees, by adopting efficient processes, procedures and technologies. With the launch of APCOS, all the private outsourcing agencies will cease to supply outsources manpower to the various departments.
CM Reddy officially launched the apcosapp.apcfss.in portal to select outsourcing employees and to provide promised transparency in recruitment and payments. 

New APCOS Portal Registration 2024 & Login 

As per the guidelines on which APCOS has been formed, departments can directly raise indents at APCOS portal. These indents would then match them to the required manpower. Candidates interested in applying would be able to login to the portal and register online. Here is the direct link to access APCOS Portal and make subsequent registration and login - https://apcosapp.apcfss.in/Login.do
After matching, the placement intimation letters or PILs would be sent to the APCOS which can be then downloaded from the official website. Print outs of the PILs can then be given to the individual outsourced personnel by the District Ministers concerned. A declaration from the candidate would have to be taken at the time of handing over the PIL.

At present, several PILs have been uploaded to APCOS for Secretariat Department, Head of Departments and other client organisations as well as the District Collectors. The initiative aims at removing the corruption, ensuring reservation guidelines and also assuring timely salary transfer to the outsourced manpower.

Outcomes of APCOS 

The Corporation shall work to achieve the following outcomes.
  • Removal of private outsourcing agencies / middle men.
  • Corruption free outsourcing manpower placement for all Government Departments / Organizations.
  • 50% reservation for SC's / ST's / BC's & Minorities and 50% reservation for women.
  • Timely and full payment of salaries into the bank account of outsourced manpower without leakages
  • Assured statutory benefits like EPF & ESI etc.

Objectives of AP Corporation of Outsources Services

The following are the key objectives of the Corporation.
  • To engage required skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower through systematic and transparent processes.
  • To place the engaged manpower to the needy Departments / Organizations, as per their requirements.
  • To ensure that full benefits are extended to the engaged outsourced manpower without any exploitation, as per the rules and norms applicable at the time, and ensure that their statutory benefits such as Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI) are complied with
  • To act as a One-Stop-Shop for all the outsourcing requirements of the GoAP Departments / Organizations / Institutions.

Disbursal of Salaries

CM Jagan assured that all the outsourcing employees will get salaries on 1st day of every month like other government employees. CM said that launching the APCOS is a step in bringing about a change in the system and society as well.

Addressing Problem of Influence in Outsourcing Employment

Earlier, political influence and nepotism were the hallmarks of outsourcing employment. CM cited an example of the previous TDP govt. in which a contract of sanitation workers in 7 temples was awarded to Bhaskar Naidu, a close relative of former CM N Chandrababu Naidu. He said that the contract value was originally b/w Rs. 4 lakh to 7 lakh which was escalated to Rs. 32 lakh. It is a clear example of how the system benefits the contractors while doing injustice to the employees.

Benefits of ESI and PF to Outsourcing Employees in AP

Earlier, injustice was done with outsourcing employees in AP. Some of the employees were receiving their salaries after contractor got their cut while others had to bribe the contractor to get the job and again, to get their salary. In order to ensure that the outsourcing employees get salaries on time without any cuts, govt. started APCOS portal. It would enable employees to also get benefits of ESI and PF without any scope for corruption and discrimination.

Reservation of Outsourcing Jobs

About 50% of the outsourcing jobs would be reserved for women and 50% for SCs, STs, BCs and minorities. APCOS will have 2 centres, one is for outsourcing jobs which will function at the district level with district collectors (DCs) as chairpersons and joint collectors as members. The respective HoDs will recruit the outsourcing employees under the collector's supervision.

Negate Favouritism & Corruption

This APCOS initiative will negate chances of favouritism and corruption. The district in-charge ministers will ensure smooth implementation of reservation. All outsourcing placements right from housekeeping staff to security personnel i.e of all workforce from district to Secretariat level will be recruited through the APCOS. This would enable them to provide salaries to employees through green channel on time along with benefits such as ESI and PF. Moreover, there will be no commission and bribes.

Another significant change is false claims - where a contractor used to claim salaries for 20 people, while providing jobs to 15 people - will be a thing of the past.

Source / Reference Link: https://apcosapp.apcfss.in/Login.do

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