Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme 2023 application form PDF is available to download at fardodisha.gov.in. Subsidy for Intensive Shrimp & Fish Farming through Bio-Floc Technology in Odisha state aims for Promotion of Intensive Aquaculture through Introduction of Bio-floc Technology during the year 2022-2023. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Odisha Fish Farming Scheme.

What is Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme 2022-2023

Bio-floc based farming aims to promote sustainable intensification of the freshwater fish and brackish water shrimp farming for boosting productivity and generating high income in a limited area and during the current 5000 nos. of Bio-floc tanks will be developed under this programme with subsidy support under state plan.The new Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme in Odisha state has the following objectives:-

  • To promote high-yielding intensive fish farming in small area using Bio-floc technology.
  • To encourage farmers, entrepreneurs and unemployed youth in to income generation through small-scale Bio-floc farming system.

Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme Outlay & Subsidy

Total outlay of Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme for the year 2022-2023 is Rs. 25.25 crore.

Unit Cost & Subsidy Assistance

The following tank model / models shall be executed by the beneficiary:-

A) Capital Cost

ModelUnit Cost (In Rs. Lakh)Subsidy per Unit @ 40% (in Rs.)Subsidy per Unit @60% (in Rs.)
Two Tanks (PVC, Tarpaulin)1.560,00090,000
Four Tanks (PVC, Tarpaulin)31,20,0001,80,000
Six Tanks (PVC, Tarpaulin)41,60,0002,40,000
Two Tanks (Brick Masonry)280,0001,20,000
Four Tanks (Brick Masonry)41,60,0002,40,000
Six Tanks (Brick Masonry)62,40,0003,60,000

Subsidy assistance is @ 40% of the unit cost for General Category and @ 60% of the Unit Cost for SC / ST / Women Category. Subsidy amount shall be released to Aadhaar linked Bank Account of beneficiary in two phases. 40% of subsidy shall be released after installation of Bio-floc unit. Rest 60% back ended subsidy shall be released after completion of the project. The beneficiary shall construct the Bio-floc unit as per the minimum design and specification.

Eligibility Criteria for Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme

  • Farmers interested to take up grow-out tanks, nursery and seed tanks; fish and shrimp hatchery operators; private entrepreneurs; unemployed youth are eligible to avail the assistance under this scheme. Priority will be given to unemployed educated youth since Bio-floc farming involves advanced technology, and the beneficiary has to undergo specialized training on bio-floc systems, before operation of the unit.
  • The eligible brackish water shrimp farms/ nursery and seed tanks/ hatchery beneficiaries must have concerned license from Coastal Aquaculture Authority.
  • The support will be in the form of back-ended assistance for installation of Bio-floc system inside a shed with PVC/ brick masonry tanks, water supply, drain and aeration units.
  • The assistance under the special package will be available to the above categories of beneficiaries with a minimum of 2 tanks and a maximum of 6 tanks.
  • If a beneficiary has availed subsidy earlier for installation of Bio-floc unit under different schemes of Government of India and State Government, for less than 6 nos. of tanks, he/ she shall also be eligible to avail further subsidy under this scheme. However in such cases, the subsidy shall be limited to a maximum of 6 tanks which will include the installation of tanks earlier.

Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme Application Form PDF

The scheme shall be advertised through the Departmental website, newspapers and wall posters in the District and Block Fisheries Offices across the State. The Director of Fisheries shall undertake wide publicity of the scheme. Interested farmers (Grow-Out Tanks, Nursery and Seed Tanks); fish and shrimp hatchery operators; private entrepreneurs; unemployed youth shall apply in the prescribed application format which can be downloaded through the point no. 6 at link - https://fardodisha.gov.in/fisheries-schemes as shown here.

The Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme Application Form PDF (page number 16 in PDF) will open.

The filled in application forms along with following documents should be submitted to the respective District Fisheries Officers through hardcopy or through email. The applications can also submitted online to Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha, Cuttack through email: director.odifish.inland@gmail.com. 

List of Documents Attached with Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme Registration Form

    • Identification Proof (Aadhaar Card)
    • Land Document (Photocopy)
    • If Bank loan, Consent Letter from Bank.
    • Bank Account No. with IFS Code for DBT (Photocopy)

    Process for Providing Subsidy under Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme

    • The scheme shall be advertised through the Departmental website, newspapers and wall posters in the District and Block Fisheries Offices across the State. The Director of Fisheries shall undertake wide publicity of the scheme. 
    • The selection of beneficiaries shall be made in a transparent manner by the District Fisheries Officer.
    • Identification of beneficiaries shall be made with Aadhaar linking at the time of submission of application. The DFO must ensure the Aadhaar No. of the beneficiaries and the land record to prevent multiple benefits.
    • The application received by the Directorate of Fisheries, Cuttack through e-mail will be forwarded to the respective DFOs for necessary action.
    • The DFOs on receipt of the applications will forward it to the concerned AFOs for necessary site inspection. 
    • The initial geo-tagged photographs of the site/ fish farm along with the beneficiary and field verification report shall be prepared by the AFO and submitted to the DFO. 
    • The AFO should ensure that the project proposed by the beneficiary is completely new.
    • Each beneficiary will select two persons including him/ her for undergoing training on Bio-floc technology and the list (trainee) shall be submitted to the DFO.
    • List of such trainees shall be submitted to Directorate of Fisheries by the DFO concerned before issue of Go-Ahead to the beneficiary.
    • Directorate of Fisheries will organize the training on Bio-floc technology for the beneficiaries nominated by the DFOs at the Zonal Level (Cost of the training shall be met out of the IEC component of the budget provision).
    • The DFO shall issue a Go-Ahead letter to the selected beneficiaries to take up the Biofloc farm unit installation based on the feasibility report of the AFO.
    • Beneficiaries shall install the bio-floc farm unit and complete the stocking of fish/ shrimp seed. The beneficiary will be eligible for back ended subsidy only after stocking of fish/ shrimp seed in the newly installed Bio-floc tank.
    • Upon completion of the unit the beneficiary will intimate the concerned AFO.
    • A District Level Inspection Team (DLIT) comprising of the following members (1. District Fisheries Officers 2. Assistant Fisheries Officer / SFTA / JFTA I/C of the block 3. Panchayat Extension Officer.) shall undertake joint field inspection of the site and keep record. 
    • The beneficiaries shall submit the GST bills/ receipts towards installation of Bio-floc unit.
    • Only items mentioned in the unit cost (i.e. tarpaulin/ PVC Tanks, Blower, Water Pump, Genset and Shed) are eligible under subsidy upon submission of actual GST bills for those items.
    • Geo-tagged post-installation photographs of the bio-floc units along with the beneficiary will be taken by the District Level Inspection Team (DLIT) upon completion of the installation and stocking.
    • The DFO shall release the subsidy to the beneficiaries through DBT only on the eligible items in the Bio-floc units after proper verification of the GST bills/ receipts.

    Support from the Department under Odisha Fish Farming Scheme

    • Training of farmers will be organized at Regional / District / Block level.
    • The concerned AFO of the block will guide the farmers in field and will give lay out for installation of Bio-floc tanks and provide all technical support for pisciculture.
    • Assistance in marketing of fish. 

    District Wise Target under Odisha Biofloc Fish Farming Scheme for FY 2022-23

    DistrictTarget (Ha.)
    Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme District Wise Target

    You can apply online for Odisha Biofloc Tech Fish Farming Scheme 2022-23 with the link - https://fardodisha.gov.in/fishies-schemes-services (point no. 8) 

    For more details on scheme, visit the official website at http://www.fardodisha.gov.in/?q=node/825