Tamil Nadu government has launched Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme to address the learning gap that is prevalent in the state of Tamil Nadu. The vision of Ennum Ezhuthum is to ensure foundational Literacy and Numeracy by 2025. All students in Tamilnadu by age 8 will be able to read with comprehension and possess basic arithmetic skills. The Ennum Ezhuthum Mission has been commenced from the academic year 2022-2023 across all government schools of Tamil Nadu.

Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme advocates for a level based integrated approach to build the scientific temperament and social skills through language instruction backed by seminal research conducted in the field of education. The subjects taught in classes 1 to 3 across the state will be Tamil, English and Maths integrated with EVS. Hence by 2025 all students in Tamil Nadu by age 8 are able to read with comprehension and possess the basic arithmetic skills.

About Tamil Nadu Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme 2023

The Ennum Ezhuthum Mission has been envisioned to improve the quality of teaching and learning in primary classes in Tamil Nadu. The goal of the Ennum Ezhuthum mission is to ensure that all students of classes 1,2, and 3 in government schools in Tamil Nadu can read with comprehension and possess basic arithmetic skills by 2025. The mission also aims to tackle the learning gap caused due to school closures during the COVID-19 lockdown. Towards this, under the academic leadership of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), the Ennum Ezhuthum Mission has been started from the academic year 2022-2023 across all districts of Tamil Nadu.

Vision / Mission of TN Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme

  • Vision - By 2025, all primary children in government and aided schools in Tamil Nadu will attain basic literacy & numeracy skills.
  • Mission - Conduct Ennum Ezhuthum in a mission mode from 2022-2023.

Scope of Tamilnadu Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme

  • 3 Subjects in the mission: Tamil, English and Maths (with integrated themes from EMIS)
  • 3 Classes: Class 1, 2 and 3
  • Subject-wise and levelled Ennum Ezhuthum workbooks and activities
  • Bi-lingual handbook for the teachers

Reach of Ennum Ezhuthum Mission

  • 35,835 Schools
  • 27,60,997 Students 
  • 1,16,735 Teachers
  • 1,772 Administrators

Highlights of Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme

  • Mission Launch - The Hon'ble CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M.K. Stalin launched the Ennum Ezhuthum Mission on 13.06.2022. The Ennum Ezhuthum teacher handbook, student workbook, and teaching learning materials were handed over to teachers and students by the CM.
  • Baseline Survey - A baseline survey was conducted across the state of Tamil Nadu for all primary-level students using the Ennum Ezhuthum mobile application to understand the learning level of each student, based on which the classroom transaction will be designed.

State-wide training on Ennum Ezhuthum Mission

  • A state-wide training was conducted for teachers and administrators on the Ennum Ezhuthum Mission in the month of June 2022. The training included an introduction to the Ennum Ezhuthum Mission and classroom transaction methods
  • Ennum Ezhuthum State level RPs Training for second term was held at Namakkal in the K.S. Rangasamy Institute of Technology campus from 19.09.2022 to 21.09.2022