Odisha government has allocated more amount for Mukhyamantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana (MATY) 2023 in recently presented budget. The new Mukhya Mantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana aims to construct check dams across small streams and nallas. If you want to apply for the same, you can download MATY scheme application form PDF through offline mode and fill it. Read this article till the end to know complete details about CM Adibanda Tayari Yojna.

Mukhya Mantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana in Odisha Budget 2023-24

Finance Minister presented Odisha Budget 2023-24 on 24 February 2023. FM said "Under Mukhya Mantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana (MATY), more than 15000 check dams have already been constructed across small streams and nallas. Under version 2.0 of the scheme, another 1280 check dams are proposed of which 450 will be completed and another 450 will be taken up this year for which a sum of Rs. 181 crore has been proposed under this scheme".

Mukhyamantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana Application Form PDF

If you want to apply through offline mode, then you can download Mukhyamantri Adibandha Tiari Yojana application form PDF. The link to download MATY form is http://www.dowrodisha.gov.in/Citizen/CheckDam/CheckDamApplicationForm.pdf. On clicking this link, Check Dam construction offline form will get displayed.
You can download it, take a printout and fill offline MATY form to get benefits. 

About Check Dam Scheme in Odisha

Government of Odisha launched the scheme in 2010-11 to construct Check dams/In-stream storage structures in small rivers, streams and anicuts in major rivers and streams to utilize a part of surface runoff flowing down the sea. To involve beneficiaries during execution of the project, Pani Panchayat (WUAs) would be formed during the process of selection of site for a check dam. The infrastructure, once completed in all respect, would be handed over to Pani Panchayats for operation and maintenance. However, technical assistance required for operation and maintenance would be extended free of cost by the department.

Objectives of Check Dam Construction Scheme

The objective is to conserve water at end of monsoon to meet following requirements.to provide drinking water facilities in the villages along both the sides of river after monsoon period.
  • to provide incidental irrigation to crops during late khariff and rabi by storing water at the end of monsoon, mainly through lifting devices.
  • Irrigation use of water flowing down drainage channels.
  • to divert water from perennial / semi-perennial streams in hilly areas for irrigation purpose.
  • to recharge ground water.
  • Other uses by villagers like bathing, washing, fishing, recreation etc. depending on location and potentiality.

Site Selection Priorities

  • in blocks having less than 35% irrigation coverage.
  • where people are using traditional method of irrigation by constructing temporary cross bunds on streams.
  • where the beneficiaries are willing to take up operation and maintenance of the structure.
  • where the newly constructed structure does not have any adverse impact on the hydrological efficacy of the existing, ongoing and proposed major, medium and minor (flow) irrigation and minor (lift) irrigation projects.
  • In-stream storage will be developed near urban centers, if suitable rivers and locations available for multipurpose domestic and irrigation use.

Funding Pattern