Andhra Pradesh government will release the assistance amount under AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme on 2 June 2023. CM Jagan would distribute tractors, harvestors and other agricultural equipments to farmers at this day. Under Yantra Sewa scheme, AP govt. provides 40% subsidy and loans amounting to 50% of the machinery cost while the remaining 10% can be paid by the farmer's group.

CM stated that "In the past, farmers in Andhra Pradesh were so burdened that they would end their lives. Now, the state has flourished into an example of farmer welfare, so much so that other states are replicating our farmers' welfare schemes. In this article, we will tell you about the details of AP YSR Yantra Seva Padhakam Scheme.

AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam 2023 Latest Update

On 2 June 2023, CM would distribute 2,562 tractors, 100 combined harvesters and 13,573 other farm equipment, costing Rs. 361.29 crore to beneficiary farmers under YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme. CM would deposit the subsidy amount of Rs. 125.48 crore directly into the accounts of farmers groups in Guntur, as part of the second-state-level mega distribution programme. AP govt. is committed to increase farmers income by reducing the cost of cultivation through mechanisation and to set up at least one Custom Hiring Centre (CHC) at RBK level. The YSRC government is also committed to provide farm machinery to farmers groups.

This would be facilitated by payment of 10% of the cost of the machinery by the farmer group, 40% of the amount coming as subsidy from the state government and the remaining 50% as loan. "So, they can avail farm machinery services at affordable prices. Other farmers in RBK will also get benefitted by the low hiring charges." In the first mega distribution programme, 3800 tractors, 391 combined harvesters and 22,580 other farm machinery worth Rs. 690.87 crores had been made available in 6525 RBK level and 391 cluster level Custom Hiring Centres with a subsidy of Rs. 240.67 crore.

With the release of farm machinery worth Rs. 361.29 crore on 2 June, the Jagan-led state government has distributed 6362 tractors, 491 combined harvesters and 36,153 other farm machinery worth Rs. 1052.16 crore. These would help 10,444 RBK level Custom Hiring Centres and 491 Cluster level Custom Hiring Centres. A subsidy of Rs. 366.15 crore is provided to the farmer groups. YSRC government has established 10,444 RBK level Custom Hiring Centres with Rs. 15 lakh worth of machinery at each RBK and 491 Cluster level Custom Hiring Centre. This meant a distribution of machinery worth Rs. 25 lakh to every cluster.

From now onward, there would be the YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam services in every RBK. Community hiring centres are maintained by farmer groups in their village itself. The decision-making vis-à-vis the selection of farm machinery, depending on the crop pattern of the village and local demand for hiring, rests with farmer groups. AP govt. released YSR Yantra Seva App to help the farmers and ease the process of hiring the machinery and this App enables them to book their required farm equipment 15 days in advance. A Kisan Drone Service with the use of latest technology is provided at every RBK and measures are being taken to provide sprayers and tarpaulins to marginal farmers with a 50% subsidy.

About AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme 2023

The AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme is designed to help farmers with limited means to overcome the shortage of farming machinery. Under AP Yantra Seva Scheme, govt. will provide necessary machinery and tools on a rental basis through community hiring centres (CHCs) to farmers. Chief Minister said the government had been implementing welfare schemes despite financial difficulties and brought several changes where agricultural advisory boards were set up, and providing agricultural schemes through e-cropping registration. In this scheme, payment of 10% of the cost of the machinery is done by the farmer group, 40% of the amount comes as subsidy from the state government and the remaining 50% as loan.

What is Rythu Bharosa Scheme

Also known as the PM Kisan scheme, the Rythu Bharosa intends to extend financial assistance of Rs 13,500 per year to eligible farmers in three installments. 

What is Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu Scheme

Under the YSR Sunna Vaddi (zero-interest crop loan) scheme, the state govt. provides timely loans at 'zero' interest to farmers who can then use it to invest in crops. One of the objectives of this scheme is to reduce the dependence of farmers on private money lenders who extend loans at high interest rates.

According to the state government, farmers in Andhra Pradesh are also being encouraged to register their produce under E-Crop to avail services such as YSR free crop insurance, YSR Sunna Vaddi and minimum support price (MSP).