Haryana govt. will soon start a Atal Bihari Vajpayee Shramik Avagaman Yojana 2023 for construction workers. This scheme would be run by Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. Under this scheme, the state govt. will provide free bus pass to construction labourers. These workers will be able to board Haryana Roadways buses to travel from their home to work places without the need of ticket.
As the ticket prices of Haryana Roadways buses has been hiked in the recent past while wages for construction and building workers are not rising. So, the state govt. will now provide free bus pass facility to these workers. Poor labourers would be able to save money from their wages and spend the saved amount for home expenses.

The decision to implement Haryana Roadways Free Bus Pass Scheme for Construction Workers is taken in the 19th meeting of the Haryana Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (BOCW).

Haryana Atal Bihari Vajpayee Shramik Avagaman Yojana 2023 for Labourers

The construction workers belongs to poor sections of society and their wages are less. So to ensure better livelihood, govt. will start a new Atal Bihari Vajpayee Shramik Avagaman Yojana 2023. Now these poor people will not have to pay money in bus to travel to their work place. Free Bus Pass for travelling in public transport buses would be provided to them.

There is no minimum requirement of wage or eligibility criteria set to avail Free Bus Pass under this scheme. Haryana Dy. CM Dushyant Chautala announces that govt. will provide free roadways bus passes and the cost would be borne by the state government. Construction workers would be able to commute between their residences and work places in state transport buses absolutely free of cost. 

Dy. CM of Haryana has made this announcement while presiding over the 19th meeting of The Haryana Building and Others Construction Workers Welfare Board held in Gurugram. 
The cost of the workers travel in the public transport (Haryana Roadways buses) will be taken care of by the Board. Dy CM instructs the Labour Department officials to outline modalities in consultation with Transport Department officials.

Awareness on Sanitary Napkins - Other Decisions in BOCW Meeting

Dy. CM also directed Women and Child Development Department officials to start campaign to spread awareness about sanitary napkins and hygiene among women workers. Labour dept. officials will now explore possibilities of installing Sanitary Napkin Dispensing Machines for women workers.

Assistance on Labourer's Daughter Marriage by BOCW Haryana 

Haryana govt. will provide Rs. 1,01,000 in two installments for marriage of labourer's daughters. The 1st installment will be of Rs. 50,000 to be released before wedding date and 2nd installment of Rs. 51,000 will be given after the marriage ceremony.