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प्रधानमंत्री मोदी एवं विभिन्न राज्य के मुख्यमंत्री द्वारा शुरू की गयी सभी योजनाएं, केंद्र व राज्य सरकार की योजनाएँ 2024, सरकारी योजना हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में योगी योजना वेबसाइट पर

dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in Login | Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2024 Application Form, Eligibility, Amount, Scheme Details

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has started Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2024 for dalit empowerment. This article will answer your questions like how to apply online for TS Dalita Bandhu Scheme 2024, where to fillup Dalitha Bandhu Telangana application form, what is its eligibility and scheme details. Also check Dalit Bandhu official website, login process, toll free helpline number, start / last date, amount and other aspects regarding the scheme.

The main idea of the Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme launch is to empower the people of Dalit category. Through this scheme, the KCR led state govt. will offer dalits with suitable financial help for their livelihood. A huge number of families have been identified and those dalit families who fulfills the eligibility criteria would be suitable to avail of the Dalit Bandhu benefits. Continue reading this article to know about other details pertaining to the entitled Dalita Bandhu Scheme.

Dalit Bandhu Scheme in Telangana Budget 2024-25

On 10 February 2024, Finance Minister presented Telangana Budget 2024-25. While presenting the budget, FM said "In the budget for 2021-22 Rs.17,700 Crores were allocated for the Dalit Bandhu but a single rupee was not released. It is clear with this that amounts were shown as allocations to gain mileage but were not actually spent. We dispense with this terrible practice and we have estimated our receipts realistically and have made allocations accordingly. This shows our commitment to match our actions with our words".

FM added "With proper planning and responsible governance, we will endeavour to fulfil the promises made by us to the people of Telangana. The misdeeds and mistakes of the past regime cannot dampen our spirits and cannot deter us from our goals".

dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in Login

Let us now describe the process to make dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in login:-
  • When you are on homepage of Telangana Dalit Bandhy Portal, you can click at "Log in" button.
  • Checkout the direct link for Dalitha Bandhu Login - https://dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in/Account/Login
  • Then Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme Login page will open.
  • Enter user name, password and click "Login" button to make dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in login.

Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2024 Overview

Check the short brief of the Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme 2024 first of all:-
Name of SchemeDalita Bandhu or Dalitha Bandhu Scheme
Scheme Launched byFormer Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao
Announcement Date10 February 2021
Cabinet Approval Date25 July 2021
BeneficiariesDalit category people
Assistance AmountRs. 10 lakh
Fund AllocationRs. 1200 crore
Launch DateSoon
Pilot PhaseHuzurabad
Beneficiaries20,929 dalit families
Official WebsiteNA
Toll Free NumberNA

Telangana Dalita Bandhu Scheme Objectives

The main objective of Telangana Dalita Bandhu Scheme is to help Dalit families financially and give them assistance as and when required during emergency and for other help. Dalita Bandhu scheme aims to take Dalit families from their present situation to higher levels. In order implement the Dalits Bandhu Scheme effectively at the ground level; there is a need to have official machinery, which works putting its heart and soul with commitment and dedication. The officials should not act like officials but as facilitators, coordinators. CM has instructed the senior officials to identify such committed and dedicated officers.

The primary objective of TS Dalit Bandhu Scheme is to provide one time capital assistance @ Rs.10.00 lakhs per SC family for all SC eligible families as 100% grant / subsidy to establish a suitable income generating schemes as per their choice (without bank loan linkage).

CM made it clear that based on caste, gender, and economic status and by other names if talented persons are discriminated and kept away from the production, it will be a loss to individual, family, socially but also a great loss to the country. Making efforts to empower Dalits is nothing but making a talented community, which was subjected to discrimination, and making it as a partner in production.

Background of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme in Telangana

Scheduled Castes are those castes in the society that suffer from extreme social, educational and economic backwardness arising out of age-old practice of untouchability and certain other matters on account of isolation and lack of civic infrastructure facilities. They need special consideration and programmes for safeguarding their interests and for their accelerated socio-economic development as eradication of poverty remains a major challenge of planned economic development

Strategy for TS Dalita Bandhu Scheme

As part of multi-pronged approach, in addition to existing entitlements like food security, education and social security, a different strategy with a new initiative "Telangana Dalita Bandhu" is introduced to intensify the level of financial assistance to SC households for establishment of suitable income generating economic support schemes as the delivery of credit by banks in the form of loans has become a constraint.

Issues in Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme

CM mentioned that Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme would have three issues.
  • First one is monitoring the implementation of the scheme
  • Second is to evaluate the results
  • Third one is to create a safety fund for the beneficiaries with the government’s participation and the beneficiaries, the CM suggested to the officials.

Assistance Amount in Telangana Dalitha Bandhu Scheme

Along with Rs 10 Lakh cash given under the Telangana Dalita Scheme, beneficiary along with the government’s participation will create safety fund. In case, anything happens suddenly to the beneficiary help is given from the fund. The Dalit family who have attained a higher level through Dalita Bandhu scheme, in case they faced any emergency, the Safety Fund helps them not to fall from the situation. It provides a safety shield.

TS Dalit Bandhu Scheme May 2022 Update

In a good news for the poor Dalits in the State, Telangana government has decided to bring in 1.75 lakh families under Dalit Bandhu this financial year. The government has sanctioned Rs. 17,700 crore in the 2022-23 financial year budget. Besides extending financial aid of Rs. 10 lakh to each Dalit family, the Telangana government has come up with Dalit Rakshana Nidhi to ensure that all Dalit families get help from the fund at times of distress.

The TRS government is also facilitating 10 per cent reservation for Dalits in sanctioning licences for medical shops, liquor shops, fertilisers, and other businesses. Dalit Bandhu was launched as a pilot project in Huzurabad in 2021 with an aim to empower the Dalit families. The scheme was introduced in four mandals of Chintakani in Khammam, Tirumalagiri in Nalgonda, Charakonda in Nagarkurnool, and Nizam Sagar in Kamareddy districts under the pilot project. 

Under the Dalit Bandhu scheme, each SC family is considered a unit. Financial aid of Rs. 10 lakh will be directly deposited into the accounts of beneficiaries without any bank linkage with a 100 per cent subsidy. The scheme is now being implemented in 118 assembly constituencies across Telangana. A total of 100 units are being sanctioned in each assembly constituency. A secretary rank officer was appointed to monitor the proceedings for the effective implementation of the scheme.

Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana Eligibility

  • Residential details - As the scheme has been launched in Telangana, only the natives families of the state will be eligible.
  • Caste certificate - Only families belonging to Dalit class can avail scheme benefits.
  • Income proof - Each beneficiary Dalit family is required to provide annual income details and if only it is within the given limit, they such Dalit households can enjoy the Dalita Bandhu Scheme benefits.
  • Bank details - As financial assistance will be credited in the bank account of beneficiaries, so each beneficiary Dalit Bandhu will have to give suitable details.
  • Number of family members - The family should mention the number of members in a dalit family when they are applying for the scheme.

Telangana Dalita Bandhu Scheme List of Documents

  • Income certificate - The family need to furnish suitable income certificate to justify their eligibility for the scheme.
  • Caste certificate - The caste certificate is one of the vital documents that would justify the claim of the family that they belong to Dalit category.
  • Bank account number - As the beneficiary money would be credited in the linked bank account of the person, one has to furnish bank account details, IFSC code, branch name and others.
  • Domicile certificate - The domicile certificate would give suitable idea that the candidates are the native of Telangana.

Dalit Bandhu Scheme Telangana Official Website

The Dalita Bandhu Scheme Telangana official website has started functioning. CM ensures that Dalitha Bandhu Telangana Scheme details are available at the official website dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in

How to Apply Online for Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Telangana

As Dalitha Bandhu scheme is a new initiative by Telangana state government, detailed steps for online application are yet to be launched. As soon as the guidelines / notification / details come up for registration, we will tell you about it. You will then be able to search for the option online and it would help you know about the steps on how to get the financial help in Dalita Bandhu Scheme offered by the state authorities. But candidate needs to ensure that they give suitable documents that are relevant for the scheme. Only after it is checked by higher authority, the candidate can enjoy the benefit of the scheme.

Beneficiaries under TS Dalit Bandhu Scheme

The families belonging to Dalit category are the beneficiaries of the scheme. For each beneficiary, TS govt. will provide Rs. 10 lakh as assistance amount. Telangana govt. will also create safety fund to help beneficiaries and offer them financial help as required for emergency situation.

At first, the enumeration about the status and situation of Dalit families in the Huzurabad Constituency will be undertaken. Later based on the guidelines, modalities of the scheme beneficiaries will be selected. Of this, under Huzurabad Constituency, the following number of beneficiary dalit families would be included:-
  • Huzurabad Mandal - 5323 Dalit families
  • Kamalapur Mandal - 4346 families
  • Veenavanka Mandal - 3678 families
  • Jammikunta Mandal - 4996 Dalit families
  • Illanthakunta Mandal - 2586 families
  • Total - 20, 929 families under Huzurabad Assembly segment
All these assembly segments would be scrutinized for selection of the beneficiaries under Dalit Bandhu Scheme. For the eligible Dalit families, according to the guidelines, Dalita Bandhu Scheme would be implemented under saturation mode.

Fund Allocation for Telangana Dalita Bandhu Scheme

Chief Minister KCR said all over the state the Dalita Bandhu Scheme will be implemented with Rs. 17,700 Crore. But in the Huzurabad Constituency, which was selected to implement the pilot project, the entire Assembly segment will have Dalita Bandhu Scheme being implemented as per the guidelines, for the eligible families. 

Need for TS Dalitha Bandhu Scheme

CM mentioned that “Dalits have lost faith in their development due to the faulty policies implemented by the past rulers. Their mistrust should be removed. There is a responsibility on us to make the Dalits believe that the government is thinking about them and their development. We have to repose faith in them. There is a need to give proper guidance and implement and monitor the Dalita Bandhu scheme.”

The hon'ble CM made it clear that the government would not tolerant if any laxity is shown while implementing the TS Dalitha Bandhu Scheme. There is economic discrimination among other castes in the country, but Dalits have additional sociological discrimination for decades. Telangana government is committed to remove economic and sociological discrimination of Dalits and make them develop in all the sectors. Like the Rythu Bandhu scheme for farmers, Dalita Bandhu Scheme would empower the Dalits.

Creation of Dalit’s Families Profile in Telangana

Recent Dalit public representatives meeting suggested that financial assistance is to be directly given to the Dalit families so that they can select their work and develop. Like the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, beneficiaries of the Dalita Bandhu Scheme would get the assistance directly into their bank accounts. CM instructed that the Dalit family’s profiles should be prepared and make their lives better. He said the problems of Dalits will not be uniform and they differ from rural, semi urban to urban areas. The classification should be done on these categories and the Dalita Bandhu Scheme should be implemented.

CM mentioned that “In the Indian Society, individual character is great. But due to several discrimination practices, combined unity is not up to the mark. This is regrettable. This is the reason why the Telangana government came out with the Dalita Bandhu scheme and will keep the required funds for it.”

Implementation of Telangana Dalita Bandhu Scheme

There is a need to implement Telangana Dalita Bandhu scheme effectively at the field level. The official machinery, which will implement the scheme, should be selected based on how they understand the idea and implement it but not in a routine manner. The officers selected should implement it putting their heart and soul into it. No government can implement the Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme without complete data and statistics. Based on the Comprehensive Family survey details, go ahead with the implementation of the TS Dalitha Bandhu scheme.

CM mentioned “the way how we involve ourselves while eating a delicious meal and how we focus when we do a job of our interest, officers should also implement the Scheme with the same love, commitment and dedication.”

CM stated that govt. will take into consideration both the Dalitha Bandhu Scheme implementation as well as its progress. Results of the scheme will be evaluated and then govt. will create a safety fund to help eligible candidates and provide them with suitable assistance from state government.

Announcement Event for Chief Minister Dalit Empowerment Scheme

Telangana CM Dalit Empowerment Scheme was announced by former CM KCR at a public meeting which was organised as part of earlier CM's visit to Nalgonda district. There he laid foundation stone for 13 various lift irrigation schemes on Krishna river at a cost of nearly Rs. 3,000 crore. The TRS chief called upon the people to support the TRS party which had been addressing the needs of every section of the society. If people think what CM is saying is true, that it would be visible that the opposition parties lose their deposits.

Dalita Bandhu Scheme Telangana Helpline Number

TSC Co-op Development Corporation Ltd.,

Address : O/o VC&Managing Director, SC Co-op Development Corporation Ltd., 5th Floor, Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Samkshema Bhavan, Masab Tank, Hyderabad - 500 028

Peshi: 040-23315970 Fax: 040-23301402

Contact us link - https://dalitbandhu.telangana.gov.in/ContactUs.aspx
Dalita Bandhu Scheme is developed by the Telangana govt for Dalit families, so if you are Dalit so you can get benefit of this scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What do you understand by the Dalita Bandhu Scheme?
Answer: Empowerment of Dalit class financially.

Question: Who are the target audience of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme?
Answer: Dalit families living in Telangana.

Question: How much amount will be given to each beneficiary under Dalit Bandhu Scheme?
Answer: A total of rupees 10 Lakh per beneficiary.

Question: Who has taken the initiative to launch the TS Dalitha Bandhu Scheme?
Answer: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Question: From where govt. will start Dalita Bandhu Pilot Phase?
Answer: Huzurabad

Question: Who will implement pilot project?
Answer: District collectors and officers of Telangana.

Question: What is the total number of families selected for the Dalit Bandhu Scheme?
Answer: 20,929 Dalit families in pilot project. Number to increase when state over roll out begins.

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