Under the leadership of CM Manohar Lal Khattar, Haryana govt prepared a new scheme for farmers using micro-irrigation. On implementation of Haryana water tank subsidy scheme 2023, farmers will be benefited in 2 ways. One is more production of crops consuming less water with a micro-irrigation system hence saving water and other is reduction in expenditure on irrigation of crops. After reading this article, you can learn about water tank subsidy scheme apply online process, amount of subsidy and other details about the scheme.

Haryana Water Tank Subsidy Scheme 2023 Apply Online

To take advantage of scheme for farmers using micro irrigation, Haryana govt. has developed a portal. Farmers can make Water Tank Subsidy Scheme online registration and apply for the installation of a micro-irrigation system. Farmers of the Haryana state are being encouraged to adopt micro-irrigation systems.

Eligibility of Scheme for Farmers using Micro Irrigation

The state govt. will make all efforts to spread awareness about Haryana Water Tank Subsidy Scheme. Farmers must be aware about construction and installation of ponds, solar pumps, mini sprinklers/drips for micro-irrigation. Individual farmers, group of at-least 4 farmers can take advantage of this scheme for farmers using micro irrigation.

Haryana Water Tank Scheme Subsidy Amount

The subsidy amount to be given by the Haryana state govt. to individual / group of farmers can be checked in this article.

Individual Farmers 

  • Construction of Water Tank - 70% Subsidy 
  • Solar Pump - 75% Subsidy 
  • Mini Sprinkler / Drill - 85% Subsidy

Group of Farmers

  • Construction of Water Tank - 85% Subsidy 
  • Solar Pump - 75% Subsidy
  • Mini Sprinkler / Drill - 85% Subsidy

Subsidy on Completion of Work

The Haryana govt will provide 20% subsidy on completion of water tank excavation, 40% on completion of water tank construction and 40% on the installation of micro irrigation system in the beneficiary area. 

Farmers to Get Land for On Farm Pond in Micro Irrigation 

The land for "on-farm pond" to be used in micro-irrigation will have to be made available to the farmers. 2 kanals of land would have to be made available for "on-farm pond" for micro-irrigation on 25 acres of land. Under Water Tank Subsidy Scheme, 99% of the expenditure for construction and reconstruction of the Khal will be borne by the government provided the shareholder of Khal is ready to deposit 1 per cent of their share. 
For more information on scheme for farmers using micro irrigation, detailed information can be obtained on the portal of the department.