Yogi Yojana List 2024 (नई सरकारी योजनाओं की सूची)

Yogi Yojana List 2024 (नई सरकारी योजनाओं की सूची)

प्रधानमंत्री मोदी एवं विभिन्न राज्य के मुख्यमंत्री द्वारा शुरू की गयी सभी योजनाएं, केंद्र व राज्य सरकार की योजनाएँ 2024, सरकारी योजना हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में योगी योजना वेबसाइट पर

WB Duare Sarkar / Janasanjog Camp List 2024, সমস্যা সমাধান - জন সংযোগ Application Status, Know Your Schemes at ds.wb.gov.in Portal

Janasanjog Camp List 2024: West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 PDF now available at সমস্যা সমাধান - জন সংযোগ portal. Janasanjog is the new name for Duare Sarkar or Government at your doorstep campaign. Jana Sanjog is the biggest outreach initiative of West Bengal government. This revamped Duare Sarkar scheme in the name of Janasanyog aims to take most important and popular govt. welfare schemes to the doorsteps of the people. You can now download new duare sarkar camp list in district wise manner. But before going to any one of the nearest camp, you must check out date wise WB Duare Sarkar Jan Sanyog camp schedule.

The 9th edition of Duare Sarkar programme in the name of Jansanjog will run from 20 January 2024 to 12 February 2024. Under the Janasanyog programme, camps would be held at booth level for receiving applications in a single round following which applications would be enquired and subsequently services would be delivered to the people.

Samasya Samadhan Jan Sanjog Campaign in WB Budget 2024-25

On 8th February 2024, Finance Minister presented West Bengal Budget 2024-25. While presenting the WB Budget 2024-25, FM said "Our visionary Hon'ble Chief Minister has consistently spearheaded for an inclusive, responsive and accountable governance and our Chief Minister believes that welfare of the people has to be center to all policies and programmes. With stupendous success in reaching out to more than 11 crore people in 8 rounds of Duare Sarkar and Paray Samadhan campaign and providing services to more than 8 crore, our Chief Minister felt the need to reach out to every individual and cover the last mile and launched Samasya Samadhan-Jan Sanjog campaign from 20th January 2024. These universal service delivery to people is the driving force of our government".

FM added that Government of West Bengal has been at the forefront of ensuring wellbeing of its women and children through various schemes like - Lakshmir Bhandar, Rupashree Prakalpa, Kanyashree Prakalpa, Old-Age pension, Widow and Disability pension schemes, and others. Recently additional 13 lakh applications for Lakshmir Bhandar, 9 lakh for Old Age Pension and 1.04 lakh for Widow Pension were received in Duare Sarkar and through Sarasori Mukhyamantri campaign. 

Thus, the total coverage has reached 2.11 crore in Lakshmir Bhandar, 28.44 lakh for Old Age Pension and 20.23 lakh for Widow Pension. At the same time, the State Government has also introduced numerous schemes for health, nutrition, safety and education of children like Aikyashree, Shikshashree, Medhashree and Sabooj Sathi."

Duare Sarkar Statistics in West Bengal Budget 2024-25

During 2023-24, under the flagship ‘Duare Sarkar’ initiative of the Government, 3 phases were organized (Phase-VI: 1st April, 2023 to 30th April, 2023, Phase-VII: 1st September, 2023 to 30th September, 2023 and Phase-VIII: 15th December, 2023 to 30th December, 2023). The number of schemes/services brought under Duare Sarkar has grown three times from 12 in Phase-I to 36 in Phase-VIII. Till Phase-VIII (upto 31.12.2023) of Duare Sarkar, 6.68 lakh camps have been organized which have witnessed footprints of 11.40 crore visitors. In these eight phases of Duare Sarkar (upto 31.12.2023), more than 9.90 crore applications have been received, out of which 8.78 crore services have already been delivered.

Through Paray Samadhan, the Government seeks to address neighbourhood needs through small interventions and community participation, aiming to solve community level issues locally. In 8 phases of Paray Samadhan (till 31.12.2023), total 66,368 number of schemes have been sanctioned, out of which 47,130 schemes have been completed.

West Bengal Duare Sarkar / Janasanjog Camp List 2024

West Bengal govt. is organizing 9th phase of Duare Sarkar (Janasajog) camps in each and every district of the state so that the beneficiaries of various kinds of schemes can apply through these camps from their doorstep. The next phase i.e 10th phase of the camps would be organised soon. The beneficiaries are required to take their documents with them while going to Duare Sarkar Jana Sanjog camps and then fill scheme form there. More than 3.5 crore people will benefit from these camps.

Through these camps, citizens can get information about schemes namely Swasthya Sathi, Khadya Sathi, caste certificate, Sikshashree, Kanyashree among others. Outreach camps for submission of applications will take place from January 20 to February 12 while camps for service delivery will be held thereafter.

Find Your Jana Sanjog Camp Online : Download WB Duare Sarkar Camp List

  • Select district, block / local body, gram panchayat / ward to find your জন সংযোগ camp online.
  • As a representative image, we have selected the name of district as Alipurduar and block name as Alipurduar (M) to open its Duare Sarkar Janasanjog Camp List.
  • You can check the name of venue, camp date in WB Duare Sarkar Camp List.

Check Your Application Status at জন সংযোগ Portal

Objective of Duare Sarkar Jansanjog Camp

The main objective of the Duare Sarkar camp (জন সংযোগ camp) is to provide benefits of various schemes launched by the state government to the beneficiaries. There are many citizens throughout the state who are not able to apply under various schemes launched by the government due to their lack of awareness or for lack of facilities available in their district. 
So for all those people, the government of West Bengal is organizing the Duare Sarkar Camps in every district of the state. Through these camps, the services will deliver at the doorsteps of the citizens. Now all the eligible beneficiaries will be able to get benefits of various schemes of the government.

About সমস্যা সমাধান - জন সংযোগ Portal

For the holistic camp management and integrated management information system, a portal has been set up by the government of West Bengal which has seamless services so that citizens can get information about Duare Sarkar camps. Real-time uploading, monitoring, and accurate forecasting can be ensured through the portal. Other than that mobile apps have also launched and all the locations of the camps are geotagged. These facilities reduced service delivery time. The location of camps will be updated through official websites and multiple social media platforms.

Duare Sarkar Phase 8

Total Camps scheduled in DS Phase 8 stands at 1,02,500 lakh. Total footprints in DS Phase 8 are around 83,00,000. Data is upto 15 January 2024 (upto 12:00 p.m)

Duare Sarkar Phase 7

Phase 7 Duare Sarkar Portal Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/dws7/
Total Camps scheduled in DS Phase 7 stands at 99,730. Total footprints in DS Phase 7 are 91,77,368. Data is upto 1 December 2023 (upto 12:00 p.m)

Duare Sarkar Phase 6

Phase 6 Duare Sarkar Portal Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/dws6/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps scheduled in DS Phase 6 were 94,419. Total footprints in DS 6th Phase were 59,70,404. Data is upto 19 July 2023 (upto 11:30 p.m).

Duare Sarkar Phase 5 

Phase 5 Duare Sarkar Portal Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/dws5/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps scheduled in DS Phase 5 were 82,345. Total footprints in DS 5th Phase were 97,14,349. Data is upto 17 March 2023 (upto 12 p.m).

Duare Sarkar Phase 4

Phase 4 Duare Sarkar Portal Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/dws4/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps Scheduled in DS Phase 4 stands at 72,827. Total footprints in DS 4th Phase are 6395019. This data is upto 14 October 2022 (upto 7 a.m). 

Duare Sarkar Phase 3

Duare Sarkar Portal Phase 3 Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/dws3/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps Scheduled in DS Phase 3 stands at 79,464. Total footprints in DS 3rd Phase are 10035515. This data was upto 28 April 2022 (upto 6 p.m). 

Duare Sarkar Phase 2

Duare Sarkar Portal Phase 2 Link - https://excise.wb.gov.in/dws/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps Scheduled in DS Phase 2 stands at 1,04,412. Total footprints in DS 2nd Phase were 36915696. This data was upto 26 January 2022 (upto 8 a.m).

Duare Sarkar Phase 1

Duare Sarkar Portal (Phase 1) Link - https://excise.wb.gov.in/dsv1/Portal_New_Default.aspx
Total Camps Scheduled in DS Phase 1 stands at 32,830. Total footprints in DS 1st Phase were 27576553. This data was upto 4 November 2021 (upto 1.39 p.m).

Check Duare Sarkar Day Wise Report

Duare Sarkar Day Wise Report - https://wb.gov.in/duare-sarkar.aspx
This page has all the date wise information regarding Duare Sarkar Camps.

Process Flow

ICT In Duare Sarkar Link - https://ds.wb.gov.in/ICT_DS.aspx
About Duare Sarkar - https://ds.wb.gov.in/AboutUs.aspx

Know Your Schemes to Apply at Duare Sarkar Camp in West Bengal

  1. Agriculture Infrastructure Fund - receipt, process & issue of sanctions against individual applications
  2. KCC (Agriculture)
  3. Krishak Bandhu - It covers all farmers having more than one acre land. It has 2 components: a) Financial assistance of Rs. 5000 per annum in 2 installments (June and November) for Rabi and Kharif seasons respectively. b) Death benefit: life insurance with a cover of Rs. 2 lakh per family in case of death including suicide.
  4. Registration and approval of financial assistance for Drip and Sprinkler irrigation systems under Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY)
  5. KCC (ARD)
  6. Caste Certificate to SC, ST, OBCs - It is a legal document that acts as an evidence of a person belonging to a particular caste and in turn provides the person access to reservation benefits in education and employment.
  7. Medhashree
  8. Sikshashree - Day scholar SC and ST students belonging to low income families of classes 5th to 8th are given stipend of Rs. 800 per annum.
  9. Taposhili Bandhu - Monthly pension of Rs. 1000 is provided to those scheduled caste applicants (male & female) who are 60 years and above and are not covered under any existing govt. pension schemes.
  10. Banking related including opening of Bank accounts and linking of bank accounts
  11. Matsyajeebi Credit Card
  12. Registration of Fishermen
  13. Khadya Sathi - Through the Khadya Sathi scheme, beneficiaries can take rations at subsidized prices. Those people who come under below poverty line criteria and other economically weaker section criteria can take the benefit of this scheme. More than 4 crore people of West Bengal will benefit from this scheme. In this scheme, 6 kg rice per head and 5 kg atta per head is provided every month to the beneficiaries. 
  14. Applications for Disability Certificates
  15. Swasthya Sathi - It provides basic health insurance cover for secondary and tertiary care upto Rs. 5 lakh per annum per family. All the citizens of West Bengal have cover under this Swasthya Sathi Scheme. It is a paperless, cashless, smart card based scheme and all pre-existing diseases are covered. The entire premium is borne by the state government and no contribution is required from the beneficiary. For further assistance, download SwasthyaSathi mobile app.
  16. West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme - This scheme aims to provide collateral security free loan upto Rs. 10 lakh at nominal simple annual interest rate.
  17. Aadhar Card related
  18. Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana - With an objective of integrating different social security schemes like State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund, Welfare Schemes for Building and Other Construction Workers and Social Security Schemes for Transport workers and to offer uniform benefits to all unorganised workers, Bina Mulye Samajik Suraksha Yojana has been launched. Any labourer working in unorganised sector will not have to pay any premium, so this scheme is named as Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana.
  19. Application for Patta
  20. Mutation of agricultural land and minor Land & Land Reforms correction of land records
  21. Aikyashree - It is a scholarship scheme for meritorious students belonging to minority communities (Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Parsi) of West Bengal. The government provides scholarships to minority students from class 1 upto PhD every year.
  22. Aikyashree
  23. Bhabishyat Credit Card
  24. Enlistment of weavers and artisans both under MSME & Textiles Department
  25. Registration in Udyam Portal
  26. SHG Credit Linkage
  27. New connections
  28. Partial waiver of old dues
  29. Jai Johar - Monthly pension of Rs. 1000 is provided to Scheduled Tribe applicants (male & female) who are 60 years and above and are not covered under any existing government pension details. 
  30. Kanyashree - It provides financial support to girl children, incentivising schooling of all teenage girls and delaying their marriages until the age of 18 years. It has 2 components. The annual scholarship of Rs. 1000 is for unmarried girls aged 13 to 18 years enrolled in classes 8th to 12th in government and private schools. The one time grant is for girls turning 18 at the time of application.
  31. Lakshmir Bhandar - Lakshmir Bhandar is a cash transfer scheme for women head of households. Lakshmi Bhandar scheme entails a direct benefit transfer of Rs. 500 per month to women of the general category and Rs. 1,000 per month to women from reserved categories.
  32. Manabik - West Bengal government has started Manabik Prakalpa Scheme for physically challenged citizens. Manabik scheme is a pension scheme for the disabled people who have 40% or more disability. The applicant must be residing in West Bengal for at-least past 10 years. All the beneficiaries receive pension of Rs. 1000 per month.
  33. Rupashree - One time financial assistance of Rs. 25000 is given to the economically stressed families at the time of their daughter's marriage.
  34. Widow Pension Scheme and Old Age Pension Scheme of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department respectively.
  35. Registration of Migrant Workers under the State Labour Department
  36. Artisan / Weaver Credit Card
Know your Duare Sarkar Scheme - ds.wb.gov.in/Know_Your_Scheme.aspx 

Phases of Duare Sarkar Camps

This scheme was launched on 1st December 2020 and since then the government is continuously organizing thousands of camps so that the benefits of various schemes can be provided to all the beneficiaries. The government of West Bengal has organized several phases of Duare Sarkar camps till now. 
  • First Phase - In first phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 32,830 camps were scheduled. Total footprints upto 4 November 2021 (1.39 p.m) were recorded to be 2,75,76,553.
  • Second Phase - In the second phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 1,04,412 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 26 January 2022 (upto 8 a.m) were recorded to be 3,69,15,696. 
  • Third Phase - In the third phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 79,464 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 28 April 2022 (upto 6 p.m) were recorded to be 1,00,35,515.
  • Fourth Phase - In the fourth phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 72,827 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 14 October 2022 (upto 7 a.m) were recorded to be 63,95,019.
  • Fifth Phase - In the 5th phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 82,345 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 17 March 2023 (upto 10 p.m) were recorded to be 97,14,349.
  • Sixth Phase - In the 6th phase of Duare Sarkar Yojana, around 94,419 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 19 July 2023 (upto 11:30 p.m) were recorded to be 59,70,404.
  • Seventh Phase - In the 7th phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 99,730 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 1 December 2023 (upto 12 p.m) are recorded to be 91,77,368.
  • Eight Phase - In the 8th phase of Duare Sarkar Scheme, around 1,02,500 camps scheduled. Total footprints upto 15 January 2024 (upto 12 p.m) are recorded to be 83,00,000.
Now from ninth phase, Duare sarkar scheme is replaced with Janasanjog scheme.

Required Documents for Janasanyog Scheme in West Bengal

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Address Proof
  • Bank account details
  • Caste certificate
  • Age proof
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph.

Benefits And Features of Jana Sanyog Camps

  • The government of West Bengal organises duare Sarkar camp in every district of the state
  • Through these camps the beneficiaries can apply under various kinds of schemes offered by west bengal government from their doorstep
  • The beneficiaries have to fill application form at these camps in order to apply under any scheme
  • More than 3.5 crore people of West Bengal will get benefit from these camps
  • Through these camps citizens can get information about 37 schemes offered by State Government.
  • Beneficiaries can also apply under the 37 schemes through these camps
  • A Portal has also been set up by the government of West Bengal in order to provide information about duare Sarkar janasanjog camps

Contact Details

State Helpline 033-22622004 / 033-22622007

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