Karnataka government has announced to launch a new Jalanidhi Scheme 2023 soon. Under this scheme, the state govt. will take up water conservation works. Read this article till the end to know complete details of Jalanidhi Yojana as per announcement made in Karnataka Budget 2023-24. Along with this, also know about Raitha Sampada Yojana and one farm one crop scheme which would be implemented in the state.

Karnataka Jalanidhi Scheme 2023

While presenting the budget, FM said "To improve underground water level, a new scheme 'Jalanidhi' will be launched wherein water conservation works will be taken up by building farm ponds in farmers lands. Under this, all farmers will be encouraged to construct farm ponds in their own land by converging with MGNREGA scheme".
Finance Minister has presented Karnataka Budget 2023-24 on 17 February 2023. 

Raitha Sampada Yojana in Karnataka Budget 2023-24

FM mentioned "An opportunity has been created for the farmers by giving thrust to post-harvest technology and by value addition to their horticultural produce. Through KAPPEC (Karnataka State Agricultural Produce Processing and Export Corporation) 'Raitha Sampada' programme will be initiated to promote processing and export of agricultural and horticultural produce at a cost of Rs. 100 crore.".

One Farm One Crop Scheme Implementation to Start

While presenting Karnataka Budget 2023-24, FM also said "One farm One crop scheme will be implemented in the 12 horticulture farms of the department. According to the agro climatic conditions, suitable crops will be identified and research and demonstration will be carried out to enhance productivity. One time grant of Rs. 10 crore will be provided for this. ".

Overview of Jalanidhi Scheme

Name of SchemeJalanidhi Scheme
Activities to be Taken UpBuilding Farm Ponds in Farmers Lands
Date of Announcement17 February 2023
Who Announced itFinance Minister, while presenting Karnataka Budget 2023-24
ObjectivesTo improve groundwater level in state

Karnataka Budget Speech 2023-24: https://finance.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/1_BUDGET%20SPEECH(Eng).pdf