Gujarat government has started Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana 2023 for animal keepers. In this scheme, govt. will provide financial assistance to animal keepers to provide nutritious cattle feed to cow or buffalo. The 50% concession would be given on feed amount for 1 month when their cow or buffalo give birth to calf.
The main purpose of Gujarat Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana is to raise the number of livestock in the state. The animal husbandry activities in Gujarat play a pivotal role in the rural economy through a variety of contributions. This leads to raised income generation, draft power, socio-economic upliftment, employment avenues and better nutrition to human population through livestock products like milk, eggs.
This announcement to launch Mukhya Mantri Pashudan Sahay Yojana was made in the Gujarat Budget 2020-2021 and is continuing till date.

Gujarat Mukhya Mantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana 

In order to assist millions of animal keepers of the state, Gujarat Mukhya Mantri Pashudan Sahay Yojana is launched. The state govt. had earmarked Rs. 200 crore for implementation of Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana. In this scheme, govt. will provide 150-kg nutritious cattle feed at 50% concessional rate for one month when their cow or buffalo give birth to a calf.

    The main objective of this scheme is to provide quality breeding services to enhance productivity. There would be special emphasis on upgradation and conservation of indigenous breeds of cow, buffalo and calf. With the Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana in Gujarat, govt. can keep quality control of feed, milk and milk products in check.

    The state govt. has also taken many steps for Veterinary Extension, Education and Training of animal keepers. There would be promotion of dairying activities to promote self employment. Various special livestock production programme for social upliftment would also be started. Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Sahay Yojana will leads to rise in fodder production.

    All these miscellaneous activities are related to Livestock development in the state.